Vegetable-Paneer Kurma

There are times when you want something masaledar..and brimming with all the veggies you love with of course paneer yummm..i always land up making this. It is also a great way to throw in leftover veggies or when you have just 1 carrot..handful of beans..1 potato....(u get it..) on hand.

Again... with the weather getting cooler..i start to crave all things bad (i will blame everything and everyone except my lack of self control)..i make this spicy sabji..which i love.

The recipe is super easy and as usual..add..subtract or delete what u want..


Mixed veggies - 3 cups (diced medium) i used carrots,cauliflower,peas and beans
Paneer - 1 cup (diced)
Onions - 1 medium (diced)( yep....this deserves an entry for itself)
Green chilly -4
Garlic - 4 pods
Ginger - 2"
Cinnamom - 1/2 stick
Cloves -4
Cardamom -4
Coconut - 1/4 cup (grated)
Pine Nuts - 2 tbls ( can use almonds or cashews)
Red Chilly powder - 1 tsp.
Yogurt - 1/2 cup
Jeera - 1 tsp.
Oil - 1 tbls (3 tsp)
Salt to taste


1. Pan fry the paneer without oil and when browned..take them out on a plate and keep it aside.

2. Add 2 tsp of oil to the pan and fry the garlic,ginger,green chilly cinnamon,cloves,cardamom,onions,coconut,pine nuts,red chilly powder and 1/2 tsp of salt. When the onions start to brown..put this in a mixer and make a smooth paste..adding the yogurt in this (do not add any water)

3. Meanwhile..boil all the vegetables with reqd. salt and drain the water out.

4. In a pan, add 1 tsp of oil, add the jeera, then add the ground masala and cook on low flame for 5 mts, then add the veggies, reqd.salt and cook it for a couple more minutes. Check for consistency now.

5. When you like the consistency,add the paneer..give a good stir and take it out of the flame.

6. Now go it up..tastes great with rotis and bread.


1. You can totally omit the nuts..instead add poppy seeds

2. Adding tomato paste would be yummy..but i wanted the kurma to be white.

3. Instead of yogurt..u can add milk,soy-milk or cream!??


Priya Dilip said...

adding pinenuts is a great twist.. i have never used them in my cooking.. gotta try , ya

Asha said...

I wish it was cooler here, getting tired of the heat!
Paneer Kurma looks yum,beautiful color with a crunch of Pine nuts!:))

Namratha said...

Pine Nuts with Paneer, very interesting combo..looks really spicy and yummy..need I say I'm drooling :D

Padma said...

I like that close-up photos of that paneer kurma...feels like I am having one with my rotis, great recipe Rajitha!

Cynthia said...

This dish is a vegetarian's delight. Beautiful photography.

Rajitha said...

priya- sure go ahead and try..i just bought a huge jar of pine-nuts for pesto and found that i love the taste..

asha- i am happy it is getting cooler...i was fed-up of the summer too

namratha- thanks! if u were near my home..i would get u some :)

padma- is so easy too..

cynthia- thanks..that is kind of u..

Sreelu said...


I love paneer,love your version. thanks for the recipe

Laavanya said...

Am sure the addition of nuts and yogurt makes this a rich curry. Looks good Rajitha.

Prema Sundar said...

nice picture of the kurma...
I haven't tried kurma without tomatoes . nice to add pine nuts.. will try this new type of kurma sometime. thanks.

Sandeepa said...

Very beautiful pic

Latha Narasimhan said...

Your paneer curry is looking delicious rajitha! Picture is tempting!

Nags said...

the paneer pieces look lovely :)

Apple said...

That's so inviting Rajitha..Seems to be so easy..'ll try it out..

Raaga said...

Can I bring some rotis over?

Happy cook said...

Rajitha, i know what you mean , here also it is getting cooler. And i have started making all these things which is not good for my waist line, ofcourse i also blama it one the weather:-))
Good recipe and a excelent way to use the veggies.

Rajitha said...

sreelu- u r always welcome :)

laavanya - it felt rich but i used fat free yogurt and 2 tbls of it really was not bad

prema - i was tempted to add tomato many times..but i wanted a white based

sandeepa - thanks!

latha - it was tempting latha..thanks :)

nags- thanks

apple - it is easy..i rarely do elaborate

raaga- of-course! c'mon over...

happy cook- yippe..someone who thinks just like me :)

TBC said...

That looks very tempting, R.
Nice close-up shot:-)
Any closer and you would have been in the kurma ;-)

Mona said...

The curry looks very Yummy Rajitha :-) I love Paneer, and add it as a meat substitute in any dish i can add it ;-) Thanks for the recipe.

Rajitha said...

tbc- ha ha..actually the camera was not that close..honest..but the pic does look that way!

mona - i too do the same..i also add tofu!

Linda said...

Rajitha, that looks good enough to eat right from the screen! Of course now you have me thinking about making paneer... I have a handful of this, handful of that... :)

Anu said...

Hi Rajitha,
I like this kind..easy and utilize whatever u have :) Thanks for posting..gr8 pic

Shella said...

1. I dont know what pine-nuts are. I know you must think I am "nuts" to not know about "pine-nuts" but that's how nutty I am !!! Sorry for this. But I can look for them at some highend stores, or are they called something else in hindi or malayalam.

2. The dish looks gorgeous. Worth digging into.

zlamushka said...

wowo, love the idea of adding the pine nuts. They are so delish and unusual, I am sure it added a lovely kick to the dish. Gotta try

Rajitha said...

linda- yes..go ahead and make it..u can even do without paneer..

anu - same here..i feel guilty when veggies get spoilt..but it does happen many times :(

shella- hmm..u can sub pine-nuts with cashews or will taste equally good

zlamushka- do try and lemme know :)

Kribha said...

I'm a paneer lover and this dish is perfectly good for me. I noticed that you have used pine nuts. I've never done that before. Will try it soon and see how it tastes like.

Jeena said...

Rajitha that is a wonderful picture it looks delicious. Fantastic recipe with paneer! :)

Bharathy said...

Hmm..3 posts within a week?!!

The citrus juice looks so nice in that cute glass!!

Pongal and kurma are colourful, yummy yum and nutritious!!Thanks for sharing these wonderful recipes,rajitha!!:)

Timepass said...

Nice dish. will surely try it out.

Kajal said...

Without poppy seeds curry nice my dear and I think yogurt in nice taste with tomato paste. Delicious curry with peanuts....:)

Rajitha said...

kribha-i am a paneer lover too :)

jeena - thanks :)

bharathy- u can tell work is slooow....may not be lucky in a couple of weeks tho :(

timepass- thnks :)

kajal- i love yogurt in curries..thanks

ANI said...

I tried the recipe yesterday, and the taste was great.. first time adding yogurt to curries.

Rajitha said...

ani..u r a sweetheart..u made me so happy!