On a break.....

Hi guys...i will be taking a break from blogging for a few months.I just have too many things going-on and i feel i am neglecting my blog and not visiting all my fellow bloggers, something i have enjoyed and have looked forward to in the past. I think not visiting bloggers..reduces the community effect and i feel taking a break and coming back with gusto is better than putting a half-baked effort.

So take care all of you and i am sorry Sra,Sunita,Dhivya,Easy,Sia and Suganya...will not be able to participate in ur events..but am certain ur events will be booming with u will not even miss mine

See you all in a few months :)...


WBB - Round up!!

Seriously..i was thinking i would have this out on Feb 1st..but since procrastination ka doosra naam Rajitha hain..i decided to wait till Monday..when i realised..there was a mistake in the way i was downloading stuff...and long story is the round -up :)

To be honest i was a bit wary because i had an onslaught of...i hate tofu...i hate soy..i hate...!! you know i was pretty sure i would have about 5-7 entries..but ladies..I really want to thank each one of you who took their time to participate and am glad that my friends are still my friends..despite of me making their life miserable :D..Would also like to say thanks to Nandita for letting me host and be a total hands-off that!
All the entries here are in the order they were received. As it is Breakfast mainly..there are no categories..i could get detailed if i wanted..but....

Mansi ensures that we get a healthy and a satisfying breakfast with her healthy Cranberry Soymilk and Green tea smoothie. All i say is yum!

Maya has made a delicious pulav which is a great combo of carbs and protein with 1 tsp. oil!! You can check her Soya Cabbage Matar pulav and i have to say soya chunks never looked better...

Meera takes the humble poha to another level by adding edamame to them and giving the usual carb laden breakfast a protein boost..check her recipe for Green Soyabean pohe and you will know what i mean...

Anu recreates a delicious chinese restaurant food at home and shares with her her recipe for Buddhist delight with us.How fabulous does that look!!

Asha plans to make something with soy-beans..but spots a packet of soy flour and decides to bake a she came up with a pancake is for you girls to go to her site and read. Her Soy-Bell Pepper Carrot Pancakes looks mouthwatering...

Sra tells me that she hates soy and hurts my feelings :(..but then makes up by being sweet and sending me an entry...i do not eat eggs..but her Tofu-egg custards did get me drooling..what say people..

TBC basically told me when i announced that she 'may' come up with something...hearing which i bawled..and so she came up with this fabulous Fruity Tofu Smoothie and put a stop to the crazyness ;)

Who does not love scrambled tofu!! Ashwini has shared a delicious and a fun way of adding a tofu scramble to ur daily breakfast mix and it looks georgeous to boot...check her Scrambled Tofu and see if you disagree with me!!

Basically what Dhivya says is cooking for one sucks..but trust me...eating her
Soy burger will delight you that you are alone..coz you will not be willing to share!!

Going to Namratha's blog leaves me drooling...she not only bakes but has started to decorate them amazingly well...she decides to buy the soy nuggets in her grocery shopping and comes up with this amazing
Pulav with Soya Chunks which looks delicious and nutritious to boot :)

Hima states that she dreams about them if she has not had them for a while and i think i would too if i made some totally droolworthy
Blueberry Pancakes
like her..take a look and you will be a convert to the healthy goodness of it...

Kaykat wanted to make a soy-based breakfast and decides to whip up some amazing
Banana Soy Muffins in the microwave and tops with a totally delicious syrup...

Nags tempts me and so many others with this yummilicious
Soy-Oats Cookies which seem more like an indulgence than a have to step to her space to check the recipe out...

Nandita decides to treat our eyes to a yummy and protein intense healthy dish and this time a
Soy Nugget Salad
for breakfast which will leave you craving for more...and she makes all of us drool with that side she paired with.....go have a look....

Johanna wanted to make a special meal for Australian day...and zeroed on making a very delicious Tofu Scramble to commemorate the day..

Bharathy had been wanting to try this recipe for a while and sets into action and makes this mouthwatering Tofu Sandwich to know you need to go there to look and note down the recipe

Raaga makes this delicious and healthy
Mixed Vegetable Poha for breakfast and i am seriously mystified by the lovely color that poha has is one good looker..must say!!

Vanamala adds an extra healthy element to make her
Chapati higher in protein...and accompanies it with a delicious dal...want to know the extra ooph..visit her site..

Laavanya makes this total delicious protein Soya Upma and is pretty cool about hubby not eating it means more for go girl!! have to check the recipe out..can i say she is a girl after my own heart :)

Nanditha deals with the task of feeding her son a snack for after school and comes up with this amazing Soy Samosa. Man! i am impressed...and the filling will flip u guys...go check it out..

Ricki whips up this amazing
Tofu Omelette and is more happy to share it with her husband...which BTW i would have seriously not done so..coz i am a greedy gal :D..this is an awesome recipe..

Lavanya shares with us her usual breakfast fare of
Power Wrap Chapatti and i have to say i am looks delicious and is nutritious to only if i lived in chennai :D

Siri had made a delicious greek dish and adapted it to vegetarian is her Soya-Moussaka which looks fabulous!!

Vijaya tries experimenting with new ingredients and comes up with this lip-smacking Soya Granules Curry and her husband tells her that it tastes like...will not say like need to go and read ;D

Zlamushka calls these Soy-Milk Pancakes 'Paincakes'!! who can believe that..her pics look so good...and the recipe sounds even better....

Archana presents us with this delicious recipe of
Chilly-Soya Chunks that she has made up on her own!!..what ?? :)

Cham hits the spot by telling that many of us feel that 'healthy' will not taste good....and that it is actually not so..and to prove us wrong she shares with us her recipe of Healthy Wrap which looks delicious and i bet will taste delicious too...

There lived a girl who hated tofu and now is besotted by it and thanks me everyday for bringing it to her life...( he he) guys know Madame Sig..she shares with us a fabulous recipe of Guacamole with tofu and as a side note lets eveyone know..she can hardly taste it...hmmm :)

Sig almost gives me an attack by submitting 2 recipes for WBB...and what makes me so mad is her Tofu Scramble looks delicious..even better than the ones i have not fair!!

Does she need an intro!! i can easily say.. half of the indian blogs have started after looking at her amazing photos and down-to-earth writing style...Indira shares with us her Palak Tofu Soy Spinach and got me drooling...i bet you will feel the same

Richa sends me this entry so that i can be off her back..seriously! isn't she sweet guys...her Ghobi Alu Soybeans ki Sabji can become a easy regular at any table!!

And i have saved the best for the last :D..(just kidding..) are my two entries..
Papaya Soy Smoothie which is a great for busy weekend and honestly weekday mornings.

Soy Semiya Upma which adds a healthy element of protein to a dish.

Finally..i sincerely hope all of you found some way of adding soy to your it is really good for you...granted they are not to the level thought and projected by the media..but it is a great source of plant protein.

The next WBB (a known fact by now i guess) is held by Suganya of Tasty Palettes .