Has it sunk in and MBP

The minute you switch on the television..there is all this talk about conserving energy..water..basically all natural resources. There are shows talking about 'green earth'..recycling....using a bike to hit nearby living...and so much...but my question is does this really sink in with the masses?? From my observation....there are basically 2 sorts of type is the person who is proactive..makes it a point to learn something new..when given an information...makes changes..for this person..conservation comes to a certain level naturally...unfortunately i do not find too many of these people in my vicinity. Then there are people who are basically oblivious to the wastage. You may might as well die screaming about conserving energy...using solar lights..wastage of water..but these morons..take the high road. i guess... so short-sighted in their view..their point is ..i have it right i will do as i please...i guess only when they open their pipes and no freakin water flows thru will they get the point.

Why am i so mad..well...this has been building up in me for a few years and i just felt like writing. I live in a neighbourhood..where 80% of the nut-jobs insist on turning on their porch lights on all night!! What a waste..seriously..and nope! is not solar lights...and then many insist on watering their lawns everyday!! Why can't you alternate the days...and my opinion..grass is over-rated. is nice and green...but it is boring..blah! character....all the homes are rows and rows of grass...and people spending gallons of water on them...and also valuable gas on mowing the lawn. People may think i have a case of sour-grapes esp. about the lawn...but i think having a small patch in the front might be ok...but to have a backyard full of grass is just a waste of land and resources. Why not grow veggies..or if that is a royal pain...go ahead and lay a nice tennis court or do something fun on it...why is there so much of grass!!

This months Nupur who blogs at the famous One Hot Stove is hosting the MBP and her theme is less is more which was started by Coffee who blogs at Spicecafe . What a lovely concept Nupur...and i am waiting for the round-up to bookmark all the entries to try em out.

My inspiration is from Kajal's website . I really like her detailed pictures and her simple and straight-forward way of explaining her recipes..and not to mention all the recipes make my mouth water :). I had bookmarked her red-chilly pickle a long back and guess what!! it fit in the MBP theme. So here is the recipe of Raita marcha....

I am giving the link to her recipe . The only change i made is i added some i was short of the red-chilly. It was just delicious....

Vegan Laksa

Though i would like to pretend i eat various cuisines when i eat reality i am a wimp..yep! i said it. I am worried half the time..if there is meat or a meat derivative in a dish. Maybe there is chicken stock...beef sauce..the list is endless. I do ask the wait staff...but i am not convinced. The other thing with me is i have a very strong sense of smell. I usually can smell meat in grilled times i smell something different in the pasta i long story short..i try to cook internationally at home...but eating out..i stick to indian...middle-eastern...and all sandwich and noodle/sushi spots..that have a vegetarian menu in place. Again...i do not eat in sandwich shop like Subway and Jimmy John's...coz they touch the meat and veggies with the same gloved hand right in front of your face...they may do the same in other restaurants too...but i can't see that...yep! i am what!! :D. This fear has actually reduced my eating out tremendously...and that is a great thing for i have the tendency to pack on the pounds really quick....i personally would like to attribute it to my slow metabolism (years of yo-yo dieting)...but...i think portion control plays a role too ;)

I really love soups and esp. watery and broth based soups..where you have veggies and protein swimming in lots of liquid....but i dare not order it when i go out...coz i am pretty is made with chicken stock. So when i saw this soup in the VEG NEWS magazine last month..i jumped up and made is actually a street food in Singapore...not sure if they sell the vegan version there...seriously doubt it!...but this one was yummers.

Lovely Laksa (source: veg new magazine) (note...the name was given in the magazine..not something i made up)

8 oz dried rice noodles (i used tofu noodles)
1 cup shallots chopped (i used red-onions)
1 stalk lemon-grass, white part only-crushed (i used a zest of a lime)
2 tsp. Sambaal Oelek
2 tsp. ground coriander
2 tsp. curry powder (did not use)
1 tsp. paprika (used 2 tsp.)
1/2 tsp. turmeric
1/2 tsp. cayenne ( used red-chilly powder instead)
1 tbls. canola oil (used coconut oil)
31/2 cups vegetable stock (used a water+ veggie bullion)
1 tbls sugar
1 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. fresh ground pepper
1 14oz can of coconut milk (i used lite coconut milk)
8 oz extra firm tofu - cubed
1 cup bean sprouts, blanched (omitted by me)
3 scallions (omitted by me)
1 cucumber, peeled and diced
1 bunch cilantro (none at home! )
1 cup pineapple (no way!!)
Lime wedges to serve
I also used 2 cups of assorted frozen veggies.


1. Cook noodles as per directions.

2. Make a paste of shallots,lemongrass,sambal oelek and ginger. Add to it coriander,curry powder,turmeric,paprika and cayenne pepper and make a smooth paste.

3. In a large pot...medium heat..add the oil..then add the shallot mixture from above and cook it for about 3 minutes, stirring well...adding a little stock to make sure it does not burn. Then add the frozen veggies (if using)....stir it well...and add the rest of the stock.

4. Reduce the heat...add the sugar,salt and pepper. Simmer for 20 minutes...then add the coconut milk and heat it through without letting it boil. Add the noodles and the tofu (i toasted the tofu in a pan lightly- can omit this step) and simmer for 5-7

5. To serve...add the cucumber, scallions (if using) in a bowl. Pour the laksa over it and garnish with cilantro..pineapple (if using). Plop a lime wedge or half on the side too!!

The ingredient list is long..but it is something majority of us have it at home. The process to make this is super is delicious...personally for me..i will make it without the noodles however..or use the rice noodles mentioned in the recipe.