Quirks and a Jal Jeera

I do not think i have any quirks....i think they are known as having a personality..a unique one albeit...but to call them quirks in my opinion would be taking it to far. When my buddy Raaga tagged me to bare 6 quirks of mine...i thought why not lay it that everybody can let me is true..i am not quirky (people..this is what i want to hear...)

1. I talk to myself. Actually i should say i HAVE to talk to myself everyday. If we have too many guests or i have too much going on..i excuse myself..go to the bathroom and talk to myself for an easy 10-15 minutes. I need that 'me' time with 'me'. Usually the talk is not some problem solving high funda talk...actually it is usually mundane crap...sometimes fantasy!!...but i need a mirror and i need to talk to me.

2. I am an night owl. I actually have 3 blocks of times that i get is around 11:30..the next is around 1:00..the last chance is 2:30...if i miss any of them...i do not sleep the whole night. I can function normally the next day despite of no sleep...but i pretend to be marks for guessing why!! I usually do a night-out every month...i really like it actually.

3. I am extremely reserved in person. I talk a lot over the phone and also get to an easy repartee online...but when i meet in person..i am tongue-tied for easily half an hour to an hour. I think if i meet my blog buddies i may open up in half an hour..but when it is strangers or worse takes me forever to open up. In my first job it took me 6 months to open up to is a different story that those guys were begging me to go back to my shy self a year later :D

4. I get very irritated when things are color co-ordinated. It drives me nuts when all things match (except on kids) know..ur purse and stuff matching..or ur curtains matching your makes me very annoyed..i really don't now why...but i get a lil snippy!

5. I hate...really hate caves. I always feel that the rocks are going to fall in..the cave entrance will be shut and we will suffocate and die. I have no problems with death to be honest..i just don't want to suffer.

6. I am quite messy by nature. Once in two months usually..i get into this habit of super-cleaning. I then for a week go ahead and make jeeves life miserable by stalking him around the house to make sure he keeps things in place 'neatly' per my standards. After a is hello! slob-world :).. But no matter how my home looks sink is always spotless! I am obsessed with keeping my sink super clean and get really irritated if there is a cup lying there for more than 10 mts. I make sure to wash and clean my sink religiously everyday!

I would like to tag the following:

1. Laavanya gotta have some quirks..i am dying to know..
2. Namratha ...the baker got to be a little nutsy right :D
3. Nags ...the new bride can let her hair loose here
4. TBC ..i am sure she has many...much more than 6..but it is a pity..she will not do it...i kinda know :(
5. Richa ...would love to know the nut in you!
6. Swati ...she should have plenty to share ;)

Hope you girls take it up..if you don't... i understand..just lack of plain good manners right!

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It was a few days back when Sia of the gorgeous blog Monsoon Spice announced MBP- street food and i thought damn...for me street food is chat!!..and i am not too fida on alu right now :(...then a few days back i saw a yummy Indonesian street food recipe in Veg all excited and made that..only to realise it was an MBP!! here was my quest for a simple and easy recipe...totally fitting into my life-style and i stumbled on this .(The only change in my recipe was i substituted splenda for sugar.)What made it even more sweeter is that it has tamarind!! so another entry for the nicest...kindest...wonderfullest (not even a word..i know) person in the world..Ms.Sigma Sreedharan :) who is hosting JFI-Tamarind see are 2 entries (total) for ur event and is an entry for your MBP - Street food too...i am waiting to publish the soup recipe..waiting for some event to unload it for :D


Bad picture and a chutney for JFI

So when you guys take bad pics of food what do you do?? I basically still save them in the hopes that they will look better in time :D..but thought is hmmm...maybe i am being picky now..perhaps in the future i may lower my standards and like it. Does this happen!..but i still blog and put the pic in..coz i am a foodie not a photographer. I do look at pictures taken in many blogs with awe and try to make..yep..i only try to make a resolution that next time i will spend a wee bit more time on pics and it's surroundings. But, anyone who knows me is aware that it is just a momentary thought :D..i still land up on non stop for a few minutes..then dive in for the food.

This chutney was made months ago...i still kept the pics in the hope of liking it better...but i am still yet to change my mind. But...JFI is here, the theme is tamarind and one of chicks whom i really like a lot (actually a bit nervous tell u the truth) is hosting it...yep! it is the babe who blogs in Live to Eat i fished it out and am sending it to her...coz. i am on to cooking some wacko food these days ...but i cannot not participate in an event held by here it is Siggy


Red Cabbage - a big chunk
Green chillies - 9-10 (yeah..i like it hot)
Garlic - 4 cloves
Tamarind - lemon size (soak for 30 mts)
Salt - to taste
Mustard Seeds, Urad Dal,Chana Dal - 1 tsp. each
Red Chilli,Whole - 1
Oil - 1 tbls, 2 tsp.


1. Saute the cabbage,green chilli,garlic in a tbls of oil..till the raw smell of the cabbage goes.
2. Add the tamarind soaked in water...and dump it in the blender to make the chutney. Do make it chunky...smooth..really defeats the usual...a hand mixer will be better..grrr....
3. Add the above to a bowl..stir in the salt.
4. Heat 2 tsp. of oil...and do tadka with the mustard seeds, urad dal, chana dal and red-chilli...and plop it on the chutney.

I ate this with dosa...would be good as a side with rice too. Jeeves refused to touch it...and it defeated the darn purpose of this i wanted him to eat the red-cabbage...oh well!!