Vegan Cinnamon

Well...i am posting in the exact reverse order of the heading because.......i feel like doing so :)

A few day back one of my fav. bloggers Ms.Stylish of
Live to Eat passed me the nice matters award...thnks girl..appreciate it.

I really want to pass this on to every one who reads my blog regularly and are always sweet to comment (sometimes gang up on me) and appreciate and tell me that my photos look pretty fabulous..tho i think they are not that great.....and have no questions on my credibility... :)

Then a few days back another fav.blogger girl Ms.Effervescent of Ambrosia...Indian Indulgences tagged me for the Fantastic Four for it being fantastic..we will see...

My Fantastic Four Meme

4 Places I have lived

Delhi - when i was a kid



Well...i am hoping NY...but i do not see it happening...

4 Jobs I (wish)had

Psychologist - love to help people out

Painter - wish i could capture beauty and give it my own signature

Interior Decorator - know where to get amazing stuff at discount prices

Personal Trainer - forced to keep in fantastic shape....and if a client pisses me off..i can say..give me 20 pushups ;)

All the above jobs are just wishes..i real life i am a boring accountant!!

4 Favorite places I have holidayed

Kodaikanal - with my parents,sis and my darling nephews

Las Vegas - with jeeves..drinking and going to tons of shows

Araku Valley (A.P)- with my friends...had a blast

Niagra Falls- with my parents and jeeves

4 Favorite foods

as told by everybody before me..a toughie!!...but i associate fav. food with the people who make here it is

Mambazam Morukootan and Olan - by amma

Hakka Noodles and Manchurian - by my sis

Tomato Rasam and Alu curry - by my appa (the only dish he knows and it rocks!)

Bhelpuri - by my nephews

Jeeves... unfortunately can cook well ( had great food just once) but lacks the patience to stay more than 10 mts in the kitchen..his speciality is to do tadka and pressure you know why he is not on the list!!

4 Favorite places I would rather be

In my kitchen cooking and watching 'I Love Lucy' dvd...and jeeves playing base in the basement

At my parents home, eating great food prepared by my amma...discussing politics with appa, fighting with my sis and spoiling my nephews.

At my best bud's home in boston where we can talk non-stop...about everything and everybody

In my bed, reading a book, eating snacks and watching tv..simultaneously!!

4 Bloggers I like to tag





A few days back i had a hankering for cake something lite and easy. I remember reading about a cinnamon cake a few days back and had scribbled it down...but as usual misplaced it. All i could remember were a couple of ingredients and looking at other cake recipes and i was so desperate to eat a light cake i decided to take the risk...and give it a go...and i was pretty happy with the result.


All purpose flour - 2 cups
Baking powder - 1/2 tbls.
Baking soda - 1/2 tsp.
Salt - 1/2 tsp.
Sugar - 1/2 cup
Cinnamon - 1 tsp.
Canola Oil - 2 tbls
Soy Milk - 1 cups
Ground Flax Meal - 1 tbls
Vanilla - 1/2 tsp.


1. Preheat oven to 350 F.

2. Mix in all the dry ingredients in a bowl.

3. In a bowl mix in 1/2 cup of the soy-milk and the flax meal and whisk till frothy.

4. In the above bowl add in the rest of the liquid and mix well.

5. Combine both the wet and the dry ingredients and pour into a well greased 8*8 square pan.

6. Bake for 40 - 45 minutes till a toothpick comes out clean.

7. Cool it and cut into squares.


1. You can freeze the cake pcs individually and nuke them in the microwave for 30 sec...and eat up.

2. You can increase the sugar by 1-2 tbls if you like it can actually taste the batter as there are no raw eggs.


Chandrika said...

Rajitha, the cake looks incredible! The picture is so tempting...Can I have a piece, pls? And I can't believe it's vegan! Great job!

sra said...

If a client pisses me off, I'd make sure he/she went flabbier, not help them by making them do 20 push-ups ;) How's that for an idea? Wish you get your NY dream!

Suganya said...

So light... Perfect coffee cake. I would even make a streusel topping.

Sig said...

Nice dream jobs darling ... I need the services of all four, so I can just hire you :) .. Nice lookin cake too, you baking queen

bhags said...

nice read, your MeMe
Apt names for the fellow bloggers
Congrats for your new award, u deserve them all
The cake looks awesome

Happy cook said...

Cibamon cake looks delicious.
Congrats with your award.
Loved you meme i had a laugh about the trainer for the pushup

sunita said...

'Nice' meme, 'nice'recipe, 'nice' picture :-)

Asha said...

Cake looks fabulous!! Enjoy the award, well deserved of course!:))
Now, MeMe was a great read. We all want to be with families, which is great. "Just" a accountant is like saying "just" a homemaker!! I refuse to accept that statement!:D
Enjoy what you have and do, have a blast. Hugs!:)

Apple said... first to comment...congrats for the award..Nice Meme, 've always wanted to visit Araku Valley,. but it never happened though :(..cake looks moist and delicious..

Richa said...

with just 2T oil, the cake looks amazingly light n porous! would like to use this as a basic recipe :) flaxseed, a must ???
nice meme, isn't kodai beautiful :)

Sirisha Kilambi said...

Congrats on the award Rajitha....U deserve it dear :-))
And thatz a nice meme dear.....Got to know u more :-)))
So ur Appa is a good cook too...great :-)) I missed Araku....heard a lot abt the place but never saw it :-))

And those cakes look awesome :-))

TBC said...

That was a fun read, R :-)
I liked the "gimme 20 push-ups" bit. Very funny.
Quite a few similarities between us. Tomato rasam with potato in some form is my fav too. You visited the Niagara Falls? We lived very close to that for a couple of years. If only I had known u then!
And you're in the financial sector...I'm in a similar profession:-)
Now moving on...
Your cake looks gorgeous and the photo is fabulous;-) ( see, I can be nice) but I don't like cinnamony touch to everything these days.
Congrats on the award!

Rajitha said...

chandrika - thnks :) you are of-course welcome to have a piece or two....

sra - grt idea...but look at it this way..if i make them flabby i lose out in clients..but if i am a meanie and push them..this way my clients are happy and i get to be a jerk and get how many can get away with that ;)

suganya - that is a great idea...

sig - would totally love to work for u ...except i can't be a bitch to u on the training level....that totally sucks ;)

bhags - i know..aren't those two chicks exactly what i wrote..i just felt these two words pop-up when i think of sig and siri

happy cook - alas..only a wish girl..i look at the trainers on tv..and they are so mean and everyone loves em!!

sunita - ha ha ..'thanks'

asha - u got me there girl...i just feel 10 yrs back i expected to do better in my career and i am not too happy where i am and not to excited to continue on...i think it is time for me to change careers to something more fulfilling....

apple u should try to go there apple..araku is fun!

richa - kodai is lovely!..about the cake..if you don't want to use flax seeds...change the foll..use 1/2 cup soy-yogurt and 1/2 cup soy milk...the flax meal when whisked well..gets fluffy sorta like egg- white...thus ligher cake...but soy yogurt will help out lemme know if you have any other Q..glad to help

Siri - no re..he only knows how to make rasam and alu...but is mighty proud of it if i may say so myself ;)

Namratha said...

Lovely Meme dear, loved the part about watching "I Love Lucy"...bliss! :) Thanks for the tag, will get to it really are the first to tag me :)

Love the cake, looks moist and perfect pieces I must say!!

Manasi said...

Nice MeMe!! and a well deserved award!
Love the cake, perfect for teatime (and naytime for a sweet lover like me!!)

Madhu said...

Congrats on the award, you deserve it. Enjoyed reading your meme and thank you for tagging me I love to play..
Vegan cake I am all for it, so healthy and nutritious. Thanks Rajitha.

Kribha said...

Hi Rajitha,
Congrats on your award dear. Nice reading your meme. Don't feel bad that you are an accountant. That's a great one. One of my dreams is to have a job someday and earn some money on my own. Your cake looks moist and delicious. Nice pic and recipe.

Richa said...

i've read @ fx being used as an egg sub, but still have not reached that pinnacle in nutrition to be stocking up on
how about part vegan, soymilk & regular yogurt ??? ;)

Rajitha said...

namratha - my pleasure girl..would love to know more abt u love lucy too??

mansi - it is light and as u said perfect for tea time :)

madhu - glad u decided to play girl....tho i gave up eggs i am not ready to give up cakes and brownies ;)

kribha - u have a job..u are a mom..i think the time you r spending now can never be can always get a job are still v. young :)

richa - actually do soymilk 1/2 cup and 1/2 banana. Mush the banana well and whisk well to incorporate air in can stand for an not use more than 1 banana it will interfere with the taste of the cake. If the liquid is less..keep adding 1 tbls soymilk at a time till u get the right consistency... I think plain yogurt will not add any body to the cake...another alt. is u can use 1/4 tofu and blend it in a mixie and use that for the replacement of soy-yogurt...hope this helps..again..feel free to ask anything if there is a doubt..

Rajitha said...

tbc- how can u not like cinnamon!!...aha...another accounting chick...was feeling lonely here in the sea of software guys ;)... u lived near Niagra Falls...tell me how many visitors did you get in season who wanted to say hi to you and well....see Niagra too on the side ;)..would have been fun to meet u :)

Dhivya Karthik said...

Great meme and even greater I luv cinnamon and its smell while baking! and ya..Best of luck on your NY dream :) hope u get the best

Namratha said...

Oh and Congrats on the award dear, totally missed that one in my prev comment...yes my hubby and I watch "I Love Lucy", it comes on some channel here...its fun isn't it?!:)

RedChillies said...

Rajitha, first off Congratulations on the wel deserved award. Love to rea youe Meme. IT was fun knowing about you. What can I say about the cake? It has flax seeds (ground) and soy milk, Ihave never trie this. Good news, I have everything at hand and off I go to try it :-)

KayKat said...

Love that cake! :)

Maambazham morukootan makes me hungry!

I hope you can live in NY sometime :)

Rajitha said...

dhivya - thnks...acyually i started appreciating cinnamon more only after coming here to the US

namratha - thnks girl :)...i am her big fan..i have all her I love lucy dvd and i also tvo her show on tv....crazy huh!!

redchillies - let me know how it came out...

kaykat - when i was writing about mouth was watering..seriously!!

Cynthia said...

You gotta make NY happen if you really want it.

Mishmash ! said...

cake had a nice texture....must be yum with a cup of tea /coffee :)

Kumudha said...

Rajitha, The cake looks so delicious. It looks so much like date cake.

You had asked me about the curd in my blog...

Well, I grew up eating loads of ghee based sweets in Bangalore. I also loved eating eating home-made curd with rice.

Now, When I see curd, images of the innocent cows being tortured for milk comes to my mind.Then I no longer feel like eating it!

Some may talk about organic milk products...
But, eventhough organic milk and organic milk products does not contain harmones, I feel that even organically raised cows are forced to produce more milk, as the demand for organic milk is increasing these days.

It seems you can make soy yogurt at home, I hope I will try that sometime. Silk yogurt tastes so much like sweet pudding!
I think cheese and yogurt are products which is stopping many people from becoming vegan.

I was in Chicago all these days, so could not reply a couple of days ago.

Sivani said...

Hi Rajitha,

Thanks for tagging me (I think) :-)

I have just completed the meme over on my blog. I hope that you have as much fun learning about me as I had in reading about you through your meme :-)

Laavanya said...

Rajitha.. what is happening with my comments?? I am positive that I did comment earlier but I can't find it :( Sorry about the delayed feedback.

Loved your extremely cute meme and it was so much fun getting to know a bit more about you. I love kodaikanal too and it's a place we used to visit almost every year. I'm with you on hakka noodles and manchurian and the tomato rasam and aloo curry... yummy.

The cake looks great... looks very moist. I like the fact that it can be frozen.


Cake looks soft and yummy....!!
Congrats on your award and lovely meme:))

Seena said...

Very nice meme, I also had some similar wishes like u..

cake is very tempting, send a piece to Dubai..don't u give me a Diwali treat?..:)

Sia said...

vegan cake????!!! yipppyyyyyyyy... and it looks much much better than the one u get from stores:) thanks for the recipe rajita. bookmarked:)

Shweta said...

Thats a sweet meme :) Kodaikanal is my fav holiday spot too!
Love the cake! The fact that its vegan calls for another WOW! A stupid question abt flax meal... I've never bought/used it. I have some flax seeds though, can they be used in some way? :p

Rajitha said...

cyn - i wish ;) but i think it may not do too much for my and my husbnd's carrer...maybe when we retire...he he

mishmash - it was! i ate quite a lot of it ;)

kumudha - thnks for the response... u know.. i am still not 100% convinced on the cruelty of organic milk and i need to be sure personally by reading up more ..which i am doing..i feel once u make a decision u cannot go back..i gave up eggs two yrs back and have honestly never missed it or all the yummy goodies u make with those...i need to be in the same place with milk...great to know ur view tho :)

sivani - ur meme was fun :)

laav - it happens to me so many times too...i comment on a pg..then go back a few days back to see the comments..only to realise something was screwed up..i blame the scrambled letters ;)..i know u would have read my i am pretty pls. do not say sorry :)

raks - thnks :)

seena - woud love to hand deliver seena and buy some gold too ;)

sia - thnks..the vegan cakes we get here in whole foods are sad ...makes u feel bad about leaving eggs ;)

shweta - no girl..not a silly Q..just powder the flax is flax powder...use it the way the recipe asks for :)..if u have any other Q please feel free to ask...

Latha Narasimhan said...

Congrats for the award! Nice meme rajitha!:)

AnuSriram said...

Cake looks yummy! Thanks for your wonderful eggless cake recipe! Wish u and ur family a happy, prosperous and colourful diwali.

Sandeepa said...

I loved how you added flax meal to the cake, did the recipe call for it ? Congrats for the award you are the "Nicest" :D

Pardon me if I have not been around much lately and so no idea when I can take on the MeMe. Yours was a nice read though

Rina said...

I'm not a fan of cinnamon flavour when it comes to sweet dishes, but your cake looks delicous.

Rajitha said...

latha - thnks :) a very happy diwai to u and ur famiy too...

anu - thnks..and happy diwali to you too...

sandeepa - actuay flax meal is a replacement for eggs sandeepa...and thanks...and no pressure on the meme..i know u are busy with a child and work :)

rina - thks..i started to appreciate cinnamon only after i came to the us :)

TBC said...

Happy Diwali to you and the family , R:-)

Sig said...

Rajitha darling, Happy Diwali to you and Jeeves :)

A kitchen scientist & a white rat hubby!!! said...

nice meme rajitha, a smile came to my liops, when i read abt ur desired jobs, and u mentioning the reality...lovely cake toooo

Rajitha said...

tbc - thnks girl...happy diwai to u and ur hubby too :)

sig - thnks sweetie..happy diwali to you and siv too :)

a kit sci & a whi ra hu - thnks :)

Mansi Desai said...

Hey Rajitha! this looks so beautiful...the cake and the meme:) I'm not a cinnamon fan at all...but maybe I can take it in this:)

Soy milk sounds nice...loved reading your meme:)

Have a very Happy Diwali girl!

Anonymous said...


nice cake, want to try it out. What is Ground Flax Meal, can i substitute with anyhting for this, or can i miss this. is it ok i use normal milk instead of soya milk, pls reply i need to try this out

Rajitha said...

anon - u can use 1 mashed banana in place of the flax seed + soy milk...just mash the banana very well and whip it till is is really emulsified..the only problem i see is the cake will be a little dense..but will taste good....or you can also blend 1/4 soft tofu block to replace the eggs.....i hope this feel free to ask any more Q

Meera said...

This cake looks awesome. It also has flax seeds - so nutritious!! I will have to try this! Thanks for this fantastic recipe!

Sudha said...

first time visited ur blog and loved ur recipes.I am gonna try your lemon pickle for sure since I love pickles :) yum yum yum!!!

Sudha said...

first time visited ur blog and loved ur recipes.I am gonna try your lemon pickle for sure since I love pickles :) yum yum yum!!!