Lemon Pickle with Ginger and Green Chillies

Okay here it goes..i wanted to make something fun and exotic for the ginger theme..some glaze or a fancy drink and as the days went..i kept thinking of what to to present and the usual stuff..esp. when people posted for the ginger event. Then i thought..long weekend..yep! i will dish out something on those 4 days...but we had friends over...but i want to participate :( what does a fanatic do???...dig up old recipes not blogged from folders and submit :)..

Here is the Lemon pickle that my amma makes..she also makes one with red chilly powder..but as this version has good amounts of ginger..i am submitting for the Think Spice event hosted by the energetic Sunita who blogs at Sunita's world.

Here is the recipe...all the measurements are given in 'cups' you can use smaller cups or regular sized ones..depending on how much you want.


Lemons: 10 (appx)
Ginger: 1/2 cup cut in pcs.
Green Chilly: 1/2 cup cut in pcs
Salt: 1/2 cup
LG - 1/2 tsp.
Methi powder (roasted and powdered):1/2 tsp.


1. Reserve 4 lemons to be used later. Dice the remaining lemons in cubes.

2. Dice the ginger and green chilly in medium pcs.

3. Place the lemons,green chilly,ginger in a large bottle.

4. Add salt,methi powder and LG to the above. Add the juice of the reserved 4 lemons and mix well with a wooden spoon.

5. Now place the lemon pickle in the sun for 10-15 days...then the pickle is ready to eat!!


1. After the lemon pickle has been placed in the sun for the 10-15 day the pickle in the fridge for a long shelf life.

2. Please make sure that u do not put the stalks of the green is a pain to eat..can u guess how i know this...i know..i am such a moron!!

3. I made my pickle using a regular sized the lemons are specified for that qty..please adjust to yours.

Oh! yeah...and i have removed the word-verification for a nutty buddy of that she does not get mad when she is commenting on my food ;)


TBC said...

I'm here and am happy now. :)

I've never made a pickle. This sounds pretty simple. I can imagine how good this would taste with some curd-rice & pappadams:-)

Laavanya said...

Hi Rajita, hope you had a lovely weekend. This reminds me of Mandira's pickle, that needs to bask in the sun too. Sounds delicious. I love the lemon-ginger combo.

sra said...

Nice, simple and oil-free!

Suganya said...

Now give me some curd rice with this.

A kitchen scientist & a white rat hubby!!! said...

hi Rajitha, saw the name of the post as pickle, and was expecting something really red in colour, but was a bit surprised at the lighter hue of it not personally into pickles, they seem a bit too hot for me, but for those who like it, believe urs is really a treat!

KayKat said...


I'm almost done with the lemon pickle that my mum made when she was here. This sounds like a great alternative recipe to try out!

Nags said...

this reminds me of my aunt's lime pickle. She used to have both varieties. white and red. and i always used to opt for white cuz the lack of color as opposed to the rich tanginess used to amaze me always!

Menu Today said...

Pickle looks sooo juicy.Thanks for sharing.

sunita said...

Rajitha, thanks for your lovely pickle entry. I too am really glad you've removed the WV...drives me nuts as well ;-)


That sounds very simple yet looks delicious!!should best with curd rice...!!Thanks for sharing rajitha..:)

Happy cook said...

My mouth is watering by just seeing the pic and reading the recips

Asha said...

Thank you for removing the word Veri, it irritates me too!:D
Unusual color of pickle, a must try, I am salivating!:))

Asha said...

Thanks for removing word, veri, such a relief,it irritates me too!:D
Unusual color for the pickle, must try!:))

Sandeepa said...

Yes you go and ask me to make pickles when it is freezing cold and I cannot put anything in the sun without it being tinged with frost

Latha Narasimhan said...

Very tempting recipe rajitha! :) The combination is really great! :)

Namratha said...

Just the name had me drooling!!! Looks delicious...when I'm in a pickle making mood, will probably try this :)

Richa said...

am drooling here.....:)

Rina said...

Rajitha, can't ask for anything more here. Sour, spice and heat. Can't wait to try.

sagari said...

my mom use to make this pickle with chillis and lemon adding ginger is nice variation lovely recipeeee i just love this pickle with curdrice

AnuSriram said...

It makes a gr8 side dish for anything and everything... Im fond of pickles!

Kribha said...

wow...A pickle without that bright red color and loads of oil floating on the top? Now that's something I must try. Very unique and nice entry for the event.


This looks just the way my grandmom used to make it....I know it tastes great!!!
Moreover a no oil pickle so can eat without guilt and this lasts for a very long time as well.


This looks just the way my grandmom used to make it....I know it tastes great!!!
Moreover a no oil pickle so can eat without guilt and this lasts for a very long time as well.

Seena said...

Rajitha dear,
me too have blogged one, but lime pickle with garlic and green chillies!:)
I love, love, love this one..mouthwatering pickle..
Thanks dear for removing word verification, it is really irritating..


I have tagged you for Kitchen disaster;hope you wont mind to do it:)

Kumudha said...

Thanks for the info!

Cynthia said...

Oh my, this must be so good. I can imagine the taste.

Rajitha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rajitha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rajitha said...

tbc - i know u would be :)

laav- thnks :)...i will chk hers out!!

sra - thnks..

suganya - sure :)

ms.scientist - it is not hot at all actually...

kaykat - do try and lemme know :)

nags - it is refreshing..and tangu u got this right!!

menu today - thks :)

sunita - a pleasure to participate...and i am finding out that many hate WV!!..i really do not know why ;)

raks - it does girl!

happy cook- ha ha ..thnks!

asha - my pleasure!!

sandeepa - i know evil ;)

latha - thnks :)

nams - do try and lemme know :)

richa - ha ha..thnks :)

rina - u hot the mark :)

sagari - i think ginger gives a zing

anu- same here...loove pickles!

kribha - it is different from the usual oil laden ones...

sugarcraft - exactly!! no guilt..

seena- with garlic..hmm never tried that...i will chk urs out :)..thnks

raks - will be on it soon :)..thnks!!

kumudha - my pleasure :)

cyn - it is good :)

Laavanya said...

Rajitha, I came over to tell you to try the roasted broccoli recipe too besides the soup if you have 4 broccoli crowns to use up. You won't regret it.

TBC said...

See R... there were so many others who were too nice/polite to tell u about the WV. It's a good thing for u that I'm neither and told it to u like it was.;-)

Seema Bhat said...

This is something that my mom always has stacked up in her fridge and she would give it to us with curd rice when our stomach wouldn't feel good. I love it even otherwise. Great entry.

Sig said...

green mango salad and now lemon pickle... it is sourfest here and I am loving it :)