Semiya Payasam

I love semiya payasam...and hate every other milky payasams out there...sorry if i hurt sentiments of any of my readers...but i wanted to be honest about it ;) a kid i actually liked sago payasam too..which turned into dislike after i had my p'amma's payasam :(. The reason being..i hate aadai (cream, malai....) in my payasam and when i sipped what pariamma made and i got some aadai in my mouth...less said the better..but the payasam was on the floor and my mom pretty mad at me..coz she thought i was over-reacting ( honestly..i was..just a wee bit ;)

Hima has announced WYF- reality it is bahdusha...i love it..but since i have no energy to make it i thought i will settle for the semiya payasam which i also happen to love.


Semia - 1/2 cup, roasted with 1 tsp. ghee.
Fat Free evaporated milk - 1 tin
1% milk -2 cups
Sugar - 2 cups
Dry fruits - 1/2 cup (coz a like a bite of dry fruit with every sip)
Ghee - 1 tbls
Saffron - a pinch


1. In a kadai, melt 2 tsp. of ghee and fry the dry fruits till the raisins plump up. Strain the fruits from the ghee adn keep aside.

2. Melt the remaining ghee and roast the semia till it turns light golden..if you have pre-roasted semia..i would suggest you roast it lightly in ghee to get extra flavor.

3. Add the evaporated milk to the above and cook on medium heat till the semia gets soft.

4. Then add the remainder of the milk, sugar and crumble the saffron and cook till the milk gets reduced a little and becomes rich and creamy.

5. Add the reserved dry fruits, mix well and switch off the gas.

6. You can serve this piping hot or cool it in the fridge and have it the way i do :)


1. I used cashews and raisins for the nuts..please feel free to add in what u like.

2. Jeeves likes super sweet payasam...please reduce the sugar to 1 1/2 cups..unless you want a sugar-shock ;)

3. I feel adding the fat free evaporated milk gave the payasam some body and a really good can of-course make with full fat or 1%,2% milk. I do not think fat-free cuts it tho

This is off to Hima who blogs at SnackoRama and is hosting the fun event WYF-Sweet


TBC said...

I hate all milk based desserts including payasams(even semiya:-), but if you make a pradhaman I will try to leave some nice comments. ;-)

Sandeepa said...

I am not a big Semiyan fan...but if the kheer is good I can have aserving :) Who is pariamma...sounds like fairy godmother

bee said...

your semiya payasam looks lovely. but i hate to eat it. all that stuff slithering in milk is ... never mind. :D it was nice to get that off my chest.

looks beautiful.

Redchillies said...

Rajitha, the payasam looks yummy. Though I have never used evaporated milk before, only condensed milk.

sra said...

I like semiya payasam too. And sago payasam. And vanill-sago payasam. And rice flour noodle payasam (it's got a long, complicated Telugu name). Never had payasam with cream in it, though, just creamy milk.

Madhu said...

Looks so good...I like this kind of payasa..

easycrafts said...

Looks great...its an anytime sweet for me..

Anu said...

hey rajitha! looks yummmmmmmmmmmmy :)

Happy cook said...

I love semiya payasam.
This looks really delicious

Richa said...

such a lovely color :)
as a kid, 'malai mere galey may phasti thi' or so i told my mom ;)

Rina said...

Hey I have the same lined up to send to WYF-Dessert. Who can tell no to Semiya payasam

Sig said...

I love semiya payasam and prathaman and all the white payasams.. when I was young I used to hate the brown color sarkkara paysam, but now I like that too :)

Love your cup, bery cute... Hope you are having a great thanksgiving weekend.

Kribha said...

This is my hubby's fav. But I love aval pPayasam the most. If my hubby sees this pic he will start bugging me to do this. Looks very delicious.

Cynthia said...

Just this evening I was telling a friend how much I love this dish.

In Guyana, it would be made and served at dinner time.

Kumudha said...

I too love semia payasam, and it is so easy to cook in a couple of minutes!


Thats my favourite dessert too!!looks lovely:)

Latha Narasimhan said...

Your dessert bowl is so pretty! Loved the way you served the simple but tasty payasam rajitha! :)

Rajitha said...

tbc - can't u lie and say it looks amazing..and that ur mouth was watering.huh?? :)

sandeepa - pariamma is badima..and she was faaar from being a pari ;)

bee - say it..worms ;)

redchillies - condensed milk..hmm..that would make it rich :)

sra - we..when u boil full fat milk..u get that horrible yucky layer..well..that is what i hate..

madhu - i was happy with the color

easycrafts - same here girl :)

anu- thnks :)

happy cook - thnks..i like this one too

richa - ha ha..same here re!!

rina - great minds do think alike ;)

sig - actuay that is a half-martini glass :D...and i can now say u are a true foodie....

kribha - show it to a good girl now ;0)

cyn - aha!! telepathy huh..would ove this for dinner too :)

kumudha - it is easy!!

raks - mine too :)

latha - a half martinin glass latha :)..and thnks!!

Laavanya said...

I used to like only semiya and sago payasam as a kid too but now i like the one with broken rice and paruppu payasam too...
You like badushah?... i don't.. or I haven't tasted a good one yet.. :)

Namratha said...

This is my fav payasam of all times Rajitha, send me someeee....if there is anything left :-D Was off on a vacation to got to your post only now :)