Varum Arashi Adhai....Plain Rice Pancakes

When i found that the next JFI event was rice and hosted by Sharmi of
Neivedyam i said..correction yelled YES! and what did i do for a month coming up to the event.. make different types of rice.. did i take any! i just felt, this was not enough for my entry.. maybe i will make this or maybe that thing i had in india. I was into this huge drama.. as rice is my favorite. I love rice and cannot live without it.. it is dramatic but i am sticking to it :)

In the end i decided to make a dish that truely shows the beauty of rice and my mind went to varum arashi adhai. i love this breakfast and it really sticks and i mean sticks to your stomach.. i do not know why! as they say carbs make you hungry really fast..this dish is only carbs!!

For the adhai you need

boiled raw rice (i used ponni)- 3 cups
salt - as needed
oil- for making adhai


1. Soak the raw rice for 24 hours with sufficient water

2. Grind this to a smooth batter. It must be smooth. I have an american mixie and was able to do this, it just takes longer that a summet or grinder. The batter must be a little thick and not thin like a dosa batter.

3. Heat a griddle and pour the batter like you would do for dosa.. the difference is you need not spread it out too much, as this is a adhai. Honestly, the batter moves out on its own.. do not do it further.

4. Drizzle oil on sides and flip over when one side it done and cook the other side too.

5. These will not brown up like dosa. They will get shiny.. so you know these are done.

6. Serve with chutney ( i did with peanut) and keep eating..that is for u kids.. ladies or gents, please keep making!


anusharaji( said...

am telling u
they look awesome
so simple yet so elegant
just a doubt though
boiled raw rice?

Rajitha said...

hey anusha.. thanks :)
imade with ponni boiled rice. it is raw rice that u use for soaking for dosas..if you need any more info, pls lemme know

Sharmi said...

the adai has come out do well just with the rice. no urad dal at all. nice idea. thanks for the entry.

Rajitha said...

sharmi- thanks :)

Anonymous said...


I had one doubt about the adai.Should I leave the batter to ferment?Can i make adais right away??

Rajitha said...

anon - nope, there is no need to ferment, these can be made immidiately...

Sirisha Kilambi said...

wow...they are looking awesome Rajitha.......yumm...yumm.....:-)

Rajitha said...

sirisha- is my favorite..very filling too