Lychee I Scream

the icecream started to melt big time with all those lights i switched to take out the photo....maybe i should rename it as lychee smoothie??

i love ice-cream and i can keep eating it even when i know i gotta stop or my clothes are going to get too tight... but i am adult na, so no more.. 'i think you have had enough' bakwass from my sis!!(older sisters are too bossy, i tell ya).
When Sig of Live to Eat announced the AFAM as lychee.. my mind went to the lychee ice-cream i had in india. It was delicious and the fragrance.. yes fragrance not aroma, the ice-cream gave was a treat for my mouth and my nose... i think i did smell the ice-cream a lil too many times, coz i got the 'look' from my sis... had to stop then :(

Here is my always i try to make it low that i can eat more without the guilt...he he he


3 cups low fat milk (i used 2% organic)
1 cup fat free condensed milk
1 cup sugar
12 lychees- sliced (pitted of-course!)
1/2 tsp. cardamom (love cardamom)
2 lychees cut in cubes - for decoration


Combine the milk and the 1/2 the condensed milk on medium-low flame and cook till reduced in half. It should be much thicker than what you have started with.

In the blender add the 12 lychees,remaining condensed milk and sugar. Puree this well and add to the thickened milk mixture.

Add the cardamom powder to the above, cook the milk mixture for a few more minutes. Take this away from heat and let it cool.

Now pour this into individual ramekins or a big bowl and freeze till the ice-cream is set.

Before serving, chop up remaining lychees and add on top of the ice-cream and in the bowl you are serving this yummy thing.

Note: this is not too smooth like the ones we get in stores or i guess even with an ice-cream maker.
another point, to make it creamier, you should probably take out the ice-cream when it is partially set and churn it well in the blender and allow it to reset. this gives a creamier version.... but i am lazy and decided to deal with any ice-crystals that would come my way (surprisingly- they were none!)


Sirisha Kilambi said...

wow Rajitha...looks yumm dear :-)
haven't worked with Lychees before but this sure encourages me to give it a shot :-)
Also,I tagged you for MEME dear...plz check out my blog for more details when u find time :-)

Suganya said...

That is now lychee milk shake ;) Either ways the color is lovely.

Rajitha said...

sirisha- go ahead and try it out.. and thanks for tagging me hon.. i will look into the details

suganya - i know... it was supposed to be ice-cream :(

Sreelu said...

Rajitha, wow such simple recipe ,i guess it must have tasted exoctic. I had few lets say disasters making icecream using icecream maker, its right now in the attic,may be its time for me to put it to reuse with your recipe

Sig said...

ice cream or milk shake or smoothie who cares, with all those ingredients, I'm sure it tasted like heaven!! Thanks for the lovely entry Rajitha... Great blog by the way :)

-not sure if this comment went through, please delete if u got a dup :)

Lakshmi said...

Yummylicious Rajitha. Will try them next time I buy lychee.

Bharathy said...

LOL...rename it as lychee shake..and you are done!!:)

Love your cake just below,the peanutty noodles and the dosa!!Innovative recipes..
Thanks for dropping by Rajitha!!

Arts said...

Wow Rajitha,
This looks yummy!! DOnt mind a smoothie as well instead of icecream when it comes to Lychee.. Thx for sharing!

Asha said...

Hi Rajitha, I thought of Ice Cream with Lychees as well and then made Pudding!:)
I love the photo, looks yum:))

Rajitha said...

sreelu - yeah go ahead and give that ice-machine a spin. let me know how it comes out.. i am in the market for an ice-cream machine too.

sig- it did taste good. i did drink some of it before i froze it ;)

lakshmi - u got the right word girl...

bharathy- i felt the same.. but i believe in keeping the integrity of the dish ;)

arts - same with me.. fruits and tons of sugar is the way to go

Nags said...

i am just about in the right mood to have a glass of that.. looks absolutely yummy!!

Rajitha said...

asha - thanks it was ur yum... but ur pudding looks awesome

nags- go ahead... anything for my blog buds

bhags said...

It seems to be perfect with the colour, so doesnt matter if its ice cream, smoothie or a milkshake...nice pic

Rajitha said...

bhags - thanks! it tasted like ice-cream but the top looks like a milk-shake!!

Vcuisine said...

Rajitha, thanks for dropping by. The ice cream is an apt treat to beat this summer here. Nice entry. Will keep visiting. Viji

sra said...

Rajitha, that was a nice title. You know what, I visited your blog and left a comment a couple of days ago, but can't find it now. Thanks for visiting mine!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajeitha,

Thanks for commenting on my post. Hope you visit often. I am adding you to my Indian Food Blog list BTW.

All the best

Rajitha said...

V - i know.. it is so hot here.. i am always thinking ice-cream

sra- hmmm... could not find the prev post...but happy that you u did come in again :)

Jyotsna - thanks hon!

Namratha said...

Mama mia...this looks fabulous! Oh who cares about the melted ice cream, its ice cream after all!:) I so wanted to try making Lychee ice cream, but really had no idea how to go about it. Thanks for the recipe..I can't wait for the Lychee season ...I know its like a zillion years away! :D

Raaga said...

Looks lovely. Can you send a bowl over?

Rajitha said...

namratha - i know.. ice-cream any way is just fine with me.....actually namratha i found these in whole foods.

raaga - sure.. but you got the best lychee ice-cream in india.. the amul one ( yummers)

Kajal said...

Mouthwatering my dear.......................looks very delicious........I love ice-cream so this post attract me..........Thanks for visiting my dear..........keep in touch.........You work very well.:))