Best of Hungerpangs

I think it is impossibe for me to sum up in a post of what i thought was best as per entries...but i can definately tell the best thing about having this blog is getting to know so many like minded and talented individuals and also making a few friends on the way.

I started the blog as an outlet for my love of food. I think all of us have a need to communicate with people who share our ideas and sometimes even our obsession....and when you do not get anyone around you who thinks about food like u do and is willing to be a sacrificial goat for your nonstop blah- blah about it ...there comes a quest to find people on the same wave-length.I am obviously glad to have found that common bond here.

For the coming year..i really have no plans..but again i am an impulsive for me to make plans would be a sort of a passport to break all i can say is i will continue on this blogging journey and strenghten my friendships and build new ones....oh yeah! i will not bother about spellcheck in the coming year b'coz it does nothing for me..after the post is done i see so many of em!! be prepared guys ;)

Now Nupur will give me a kick on my ass if i go thru writing all this bull and not give my my top 5 picks for best entries would be:

1. Peanutty Noodles

2. Tomato Cheese Salad

3. Oolan

4. Oatmeal Pongal

5. Lauki ki sabzi

I chose these 5 coz i thought photos looked good with minimal effort...i really have no patience and all my photos are click..upload and post....and i assure you this will not change in future too :D..i shall continue to be lazy ;D

This is off to charming girl Nupur who blogs at the popular One Hot Stove and is hosting the Best Of 2007

Take care all you guys..and have a fantastic 2008.


Kamini said...

I agrre with you totally, the best part about blogging is meeting likeminded people and making friends along the way..
Have a great 2008!!!!

Rina said...

Well down, Rajitha...You indeed have good space with interesting recipes.. Thanks for blogging

Nupur said...

That tomato cheese salad photo belongs on the cover of some swanky magazine...*drool-worthy* :)
Thanks for a great post. Wishing you a wonderful new year, my dear!

Nags said...

the peanutty noodles sure look effortlyessly yummy. have a wonderful new year rajitha :)

Laavanya said...

Dear Rajitha, it was great to go through the faves from your blog and I must add that you may be lazy abt pics but they sure look lovely! Wishing you a fab 2008 too.

Sig said...

lol,loved the short and sweet wrap-up... I am glad you started this blog, because of which I got to know a funny, charming girl. Happy New Year my dear friend...

sunita said...

I'm really glad you started's been nice to know you...have a fabulous and impulsive - don't worry, I'm on the same boat ;-)- new year :-)

TBC said...

I too liked no.2 and 5:-)
And I really like your pics...I hate it when people do a lot of editing and put in a whole lot of work to make pics look "natural" and then say it was nothing at all!... you know what I mean, right? ;-)

I am really glad I got to know u thro' here:-)
BTW, I am predicting that there is going to be a post on rolls in the near future.:-)

Namratha said...

I was so waiting for this post of yours dear, and the wait was worth it :) Love the peanutty noodles... hope you have a fabulous year ahead, and hey your pics don't look the least bit lazily taken chill :D

I'm off to post mine now..

Sagari said...

wonderful roundup for year 2007

easycrafts said...

Thats a nice choice...i am waiting for an opportunity to try out ur oatmeal pongal..its bookmarked since longggg

sra said...

Very nice post, Rajitha, some of my reasons for starting a blog are the same as yours. May you blog for a long time to come!

Cynthia said...

i really have no patience and all my photos are click..upload and post....and i assure you this will not change in future too :D..i shall continue to be lazy ;D - yeah baby, tell it like it is :)

Happy new year to you and the family.

Richa said...

that's a sweet write up!
yup, obsession is more like ;) can never tire of talking food, can we? :)
Best Wishes for 2008!

Rajitha said...

kamini - thnks..yes..i think what really motivates me are the cool ppl i know :)

rina - thnks :)

nupur - aren't u sweet..yep..the photos belong in backyard cleanup ;)..did you see that hoe in the corner :D

nags - it was!!

laav- u are waay too good for my ego ;)

sig - u know the feeling is the same here friend :)

sunita - i was surprised that you state that u are impulsive..i aways have felt you were organised and knew what was going on..aahh..sure feels good :D

tbc - he i :D...and ur prediction is the result of insider inf..martha steward ;)

nammu - urs was fantastic..great to have known u :)

sagari - thnks :)

E - lemme know how it comes..waiting to see goodies in ur blog too

sra - same pinch then :)..hope u always some to comment too girl :)

cyn - aah..u know cancerian girl..we tell it as it mincing words and being fake ;)

richa - u hit the spot..glad to have started to know u better girl :)

Mishmash ! said...

Wishing you a great year ahead....and another year of fun filled blogging :)