Creamy Carrot and Leek Soup.

I have been off soups for a while, as i was just not getting them to the texture i wanted and then a lot of veggies and time was getting wasted, as these were dumped unceremoniously in the sink...i know..wasting food :(..but i cannot eat badly prepared food. But, after seeing all the soups in the blogosphere, i have been inspired to make soup thanks everybody!
I have a huge packet of carrot..correction..2 huge packets of carrots..coz during the carrot purchase time, i was dreaming of salads and juices i got a little greedy as usual and bought more than i can use. It was time to use these babies up is the recipe. It is creamy and the texture and consistency was just the way i like..and not too fattening too...


Carrots - 4, medium (around 250 gms)- diced
Leeks - 2, medium (white and light green parts - wash well) - sliced
Potato - 1 (100 gms) - diced
Milk - 1 cup (used 1%)
Jalapeno - 1,medium
Garlic - 4, small cloves
Ginger - small knob
Olive oil - 1 tbls
Pepper - few twists
Kasoori methi - 1 tbls.
Salt - to taste
Water - 3 1/2 cups


1. Heat a tbls of oil in a wide pan and when it warms, add the jalapeno,garlic and ginger. Let it cook for a couple of minutes, then add in the leeks,potatoes and carrots and saute for a few minutes till it is slightly roasted (to let flavors develop..but not burn) then add 3 cups of water. Add salt and cook the veggies in medium-low flame till the carrots are softened.

2. When the carrots are cooked, transfer to a blender and blend till smooth and creamy.

3. Add the above mixture to the pan, add a cup of milk,twists of pepper,half a cup of water and let it simmer for a couple of minutes.

4. Switch of the gas and sprinkle kassori methi, spoon it to a big bowl and enjoy.

Note: This soup is really creamy, and the small addition of potato makes a great addition to the creaminess of the soup. If you are not interested in adding the potato, omit it...but the soup will not be creamy, as the carrots do not have enough body. You can make a roux instead.

This is off to Pooja who blogs at My creative ideas and who is hosting 'The theme of the week'.

Happy Republic Day everybody!!


Nags said...

what lovely shades :) i too posted something in carrot for the event!

Pooja said...

That is really vert Nice idea and the soup is looking so comforting . You can send thsi to MM of Meeta too . :) .
I am gald to receive this from you Rajitha. Thanks for being a part
of celebration.
Stay tuned...

Laavanya said...

I add potato too to give it a creamy texture... looks lovely. Will try it once i get my hand on leeks.

Sig said...

I love creamy soups...if you make a lot of soups, do you know what will make your life easier? A hand blender, no need to transfer the veggies to a blender, you can puree it in the pot itself... :)

Happy cook said...

Yumm My daughter loves carrot soup.

Rajitha said...
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Rajitha said...

nags- went to ur site to have a look....looks so good :)

pooja - was totally fun to participate...i think i will send this to MM if i do not make anything else by the end of the month :D

laav - u can make this with any onions not use the red ones tho..i think they are strong and dominant in flavor

sig - each time i puree i think about it..only to forget! i know ..a true moron !! which brand do you have, i think i will buy the same thing..i am bored of research then buy, esp. it is done by ppl i do not know at no idea about their standards!!

haapy cook - what are you waiting for girl..make it :)

TBC said...

Hey Rajitha,
I just bought some leeks today to make a potato and leek soup which I had been planning to, for a while now.
Love the color of your soup!
I bought a Hamilton Beach immersion blender a couple of months back and life is so much more simpler where soups are concerned. :-)

Jaya said...

love carrot soup ,but i guess without Leeks ,my personal preference,this soup looks so appetizing though I am sure it tastes great too ...
hugs and smiles

Sagari said...

that looks sooo think and creamyyyyyy rajitha

Seema said...

Lovely soup & great colour! Perfect for the winters.

Richa said...

sure looks thick n creamy!
btw, hv had excellent results with braun, it also has a mini chopper attachment which is great for chutnies & stuff, i use mine every single day, can't do w/o it :)

Nupur said...

Love your idea of adding some kasuri methi to the soup!

easycrafts said...

Nice idea...carrots are all around i can surely try it out sometime soon

Dhivya said...

hey nice idea

AnuSriram said...

Looks awesome Rajitha...

Sig said...

I have this one, it is pretty old, I see a lot of newer models now..

Hima said...

The colour of the soup is pretty tempting rajitha. Simple and yet tasty soup, thanks for sharing.

Rajitha said...

tbc- thnks about the blender info..i have been thinking of buying it ,coz it is small and occupies hardly any space!

jaya - i the color too..thnks girl :)

sagari - it was creamy..and so smooth u know..

seema - it is good to chase away the feeling of..i am cold..lets eat pakodas ;)

richa - thnks girl..and about the attachement is a great idea too...

nupur - i thought there was hardly as pices..adn kasoori methi can add so much of oomph to a dish!

easy - yep..and if i live in the north will be those lovely red-carrots for halwa..yum!

dhivya - tnks

anu - thnks girl

sig - ah! thnks for getting back sig...will chk it out..u know when i zero out on one thing..i take soo much time gets out-of stock ..grrr

hima - it is should like it hima..try it :)

Kribha said...

YUM! I'll gladly settle down with that bowl on this cold day.

Richa said...

arrey yaar, i bot the "tofu" for the event and that is as far as i cud go with,lack a bit of will power when it comes to tofu ;) now, the only soya rcp i've on my blog is Alu Gobi aur Soya subji if u like :)