Bad picture and a chutney for JFI

So when you guys take bad pics of food what do you do?? I basically still save them in the hopes that they will look better in time :D..but thought is hmmm...maybe i am being picky now..perhaps in the future i may lower my standards and like it. Does this happen!..but i still blog and put the pic in..coz i am a foodie not a photographer. I do look at pictures taken in many blogs with awe and try to make..yep..i only try to make a resolution that next time i will spend a wee bit more time on pics and it's surroundings. But, anyone who knows me is aware that it is just a momentary thought :D..i still land up on non stop for a few minutes..then dive in for the food.

This chutney was made months ago...i still kept the pics in the hope of liking it better...but i am still yet to change my mind. But...JFI is here, the theme is tamarind and one of chicks whom i really like a lot (actually a bit nervous tell u the truth) is hosting it...yep! it is the babe who blogs in Live to Eat i fished it out and am sending it to her...coz. i am on to cooking some wacko food these days ...but i cannot not participate in an event held by here it is Siggy


Red Cabbage - a big chunk
Green chillies - 9-10 (yeah..i like it hot)
Garlic - 4 cloves
Tamarind - lemon size (soak for 30 mts)
Salt - to taste
Mustard Seeds, Urad Dal,Chana Dal - 1 tsp. each
Red Chilli,Whole - 1
Oil - 1 tbls, 2 tsp.


1. Saute the cabbage,green chilli,garlic in a tbls of oil..till the raw smell of the cabbage goes.
2. Add the tamarind soaked in water...and dump it in the blender to make the chutney. Do make it chunky...smooth..really defeats the usual...a hand mixer will be better..grrr....
3. Add the above to a bowl..stir in the salt.
4. Heat 2 tsp. of oil...and do tadka with the mustard seeds, urad dal, chana dal and red-chilli...and plop it on the chutney.

I ate this with dosa...would be good as a side with rice too. Jeeves refused to touch it...and it defeated the darn purpose of this i wanted him to eat the red-cabbage...oh well!!


Asha said...

I don't see anything wrong with the photo! Chutney is made of red cabbage, so it looks it.
Looks great girl, made a little less liquid would have been better but not bad to soak up with dosa!:))

TBC said...

So when are u going to get that hand blender?
I've never heard of a cabbage chutney, much less one using the purple/red variety. I like hot stuff.:D

Nags said...

haha.. rajitha, i can so relate to how you feel about the bad pic! i normally have a huge block with posting the recipe and even if i do, i always have a disclaimer saying 'bad pic'. just like u have done now :D

Laavanya said...

Hi Rajitha, I wrote a really long comment a while ago but got a message saying blogger is not available :(

Anyways, the gist was this: As much as I admire the beautiful pics that some bloggers have, I just scoop the food onto a bowl/plate and keep clicking in the hope that atleast one of those will look decent enough :) Anyways, I don't find anything wrong with this chutney picture.

Love the idea of a cabbage chutney. You shouldn't have told Jeeves that it was cabbage until after he tasted it... :) that's what I do with my husband.

Of course you need to send in an entry for Sig's event.. after all that nagging you did for the Soy event and made her try tofu for the first time :D

Andhra Flavors said...

hey i thought this gaajar(red carrot) ohh.. is it with red cabbage!! very intresting.

Swati Raman Garg said...

ok first of all all this bad picture thing is for this pic.. iam ashamed of myelf then...buddy this one a goooooooood pic okkk.. and the chutney looks perfect for my chatkhor tastebuds

Red Chillies said...

Errr.. excuse me where is the bad picture? The picture that you have taken is pretty good, you are being modest.
Never had chutney with cabbage before.

Shri said...

Even i keep on taking pictures till i feel it is perfect.But as you say,we are foodies not photographers.Keep up the spirit.Nice chutney!!

Uma said...

you call it bad pic? are you kidding? The minute I saw that pic I thought wow, very good! Really, really mouth-watering recipe, rajitha. nice entry.

Srivalli said...

hehehe..Rajitha..its so very true...I too click and think by twm it will look better...hubby dear even checked the pictures in the first few months and said they look BAD...infact he has asked me to cook those and take new better pictures and upload back...hahahah...I really can't think of doing it again!...

hey that chutney looks great to me..really no kidding..maybe you are having a very high std babe!..

notyet100 said...

chutney pic doesnt look bad,..looks good,,

sra said...

I thought it was something to do with watermelon and tamarind!!!

Raaga said...

I don't know Rajitha... I have tons of horrid pictures... and this pic of yours is not at all bad the way you make it out to be :-)

Sometimes I think I might just post... people can't be shocked with the pictures on my blog, can they?

Richa said...

u sure like it hot ;)
true, some times chutney-fying the vegs is a good way to include more veggies in the diet ;)
grrr.....indeed...arrey yaar how much research do u'hv to do ;)

Vanamala said...

nice to read cool..looks good

Happy cook said...

The picture looks good unless my eye sight is getting worser :-)
Love the chutney, but never done a chutney with cabbage.

Kalai said...

That pic is not bad!! The chutney looks really yummy. Nice one for JFI! :)

Sig said...

First of all... bad picture? WTF girl, you have really high standards... I love that tadka in the middle... :)

Second of all... nervous??? We haven't met have we? I've only shown you the nice and sweet side of me... wait till you meet the real me some day :) That will give you something to be nervous of... :)

And finally... thank you thank you thank you, I love it... :) You know I'd have come all the way there to kick your a$$ if you didn't send me a dish, right?

Kumudha said...

Red cabbage chutney looks delicious!
I'm sure it will taste great with dosas and idlis.

Raaga said...

Rajitha said...

asha..i know..the red color cabbage looks awful when is pretty only in coleslaw and noodles...

tbc..i love hot stuff too..and i know!! the freakin blender is looong overdue!...

nags...i knew u would 'get-it'..i have seen u do stuff like this too :D

laav..seriously!! when will i learn that telling that man is a royal mistake...and for pictures...well..i am a lazy gal...and i know..missing her event would give me some real guilty feeling!

andhra flavors...hmm..carrots..should try that out..

swati...behsharam :D..u are too nice re ladki!

RC..he he...modesty is my strong point ;)..but u are too kind!

Shri..atta-girl.. are so kind..that is a morale booster :)

srivalli..cook once more va!!..aiyoo..what u make on a day to day basis is making my head spin :)

notyet100..thnks :) that is some combo...the header for that recipe would be sorry!! you can puke now :D

raaga..that is the spirit ;)..i love to test out the readers :)

richa...he he...haste makes waste richa..tu kab seekhegi ;)..but is freakin overdue yaar..i always remember about it when i need it!!

vanamala..thnks :)

happy cook...aww..u are too nice!!...i have eaten cabbage chutney at my frnd's place..but it was with the green one..

kalai ..thnks :)

sig...why do u think i am nervous huh?? someone who is not 'that nice' :D...pretending to be nice!!...and about the kick...i am not into it..not that adventurous :D....but way in hell would i not participate :)... was pretty good..

raaga....will come up with some crap soon...

Divya Vikram said...

cabbage chutney looks good to me

Alka said...

Hi Raji,
Thanks for stopping by on my blog and leaving valuable comment .
Cabbage in chutney is just sumthng unheard thanks for introducing this novel ingredient in my to-make -this-recipe-this way list.Well it's a list ,wherein i note down different variations in my otherwise normal routine style
And pls don't call it a bad pic..there is so much to go thru for publishing a post wid a pic.We can't fool ppl with just a recipe in text...we need to actually make the dish ,then click it,then edit it and post it...So its hell lot of job that we need to do before posting a recipe .So i don't think anyhone had a right to comment on picture appearance or quality and if sumone do so....pls ignore

Bharathy said...

I am with a stick hit you, if you say something bad abt your picture ;)..
It's simple, nice and yummy with the seasoning all over..
May be you can blame the red cabbage as Ashaji has pointed out ;)..

Namratha said...

Red cabbage chutney...hehe Jeeves is too smart eh? :D

Devi Priya said...

For some reason I thought it is beets.. Great Pic and good recipe. Thanks for sharing.