A rant and a recipe...

Why are people nosy? I am yet to understand and i wish a nosy person would let me in on the secret. Why do people want to know private details of a stranger? isn't that just weird...what do you achieve if you know whether a person works or not..has kids or from India or not...why do you want to know?? Are you writing a book that details about how many people you met...their status..their personal details...race etc? I am yet to understand the thought process that form these unnecessary and many a times ridiculous questions! color your hair?? umm..nope..i was born with dark brown hair with gold highlights..yesssir..i was the freak baby in India did not read about me in the paper uncle :D...or do you have kids?? no!...why?? ummm...maybe i don't know how to do 'it'..can i come and watch (puke)...are you trying for a baby? why...are you planning to marry your moronic spawn off with my future baby? i rather have my kid single that married to a nut-case. So..where are you working? how much do you make?? more than you..i am certain....and shame on me..if i don't...and then there are the much rent do you pay? how many siblings you have and what do they and their spouses do? etc...etc!! Mind you..none of these questions were asked to me by people i was introduced to be friends with...these a bunch of random questions that i have encountered to my travels to India (in airports no less) and a few in the subway in the great city of NY. Isn't it sad that people have no respect for privacy...there have been so many times...i have been asked questions while listening to the i-pod!! PEOPLE!! not disturb me when i am listening to my basically is a signal that i want to be left alone...grrrr....

So here is a recipe..that i love and have been making it regularly, as it is super easy to make and tastes yummy...but no culinary masterpiece.....but...this is a food blog and i feel i gotta put in a recipe to carry on this blog :D

Paneer Bhurji.

Paneer - 4-6 oz block. Grate it with the thicker side of the grater- you know that i mean.
Mixed vegetables - 1 cup ( i used carrots and peas - frozen :D)
Leeks - 2, sliced thin ( was out of onions...use onions if you want)
Garlic - 2, grated
Cumin - 1 tsp.
Turmeric powder - 1/4 tsp.
Red chilly powder - 1 tsp.
Pav Bhaji masala - 1/2 tsp.
Salt - to taste
Oil - 1 tsp. (do not use more, as paneer has a lot of fat)


1. Grate the paneer and keep aside.
2. In a pan, add the oil,add the cumin. Add the onion and garlic and saute till soft, do not let it burn.
3. Add the peas and carrots with the turmeric and salt,cook till softened.
4. Add the red chilly powder and the pav bhaji masala then add the paneer and mix well.
5. Cook this for 5 minutes, if you have cilantro with you...add it at this really takes it to another level.


Sig said...

LOL... thanks for the laugh with my coffee! I get all those and the how old are you question, that's what annoys me the most!

Nupur said...

I can't stand nosy people either, but I am not shy about letting them know that.

When people ask me a question that I feel is nosy, I simply smile and say, "Why do you want to know?" which usually gives them the idea.

If it is a stranger, I am known to simply say "excuse me" and walk away.

Or you can use the old "ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer" routine. "Oh you are a vegetarian...what do you eat" gets the response, "Food. Why, what do you eat?".

It is a free country and anyone can ask a question, but that also means that I am free to not answer. People respond to your attitude- if they know you don't tolerate nonsense, they won't subject you to any.

Nags said...

whoah! they ask how much you make? i am thinking, if i ever got that ques, i wud say a ridiculously high amount and make them wonder how on earth i earn so much ;)

Parita said...

I get pissed off to when people start poking their unwanted heads in my business, i guess with such people we just need to be firm...
paneer bhurji looks delicious!! all the ingredients are perfect and i can imagine the heavenly taste!

Laavanya said...

That picture is just too tempting that I had to check out the recipe before reading your rant :) Absolutely delicious and I love how the paneer is holding it's shape well and not crumbled.

Coming to the rant - what is with all the nosy pple.. ? Some may justify it as just making themselves more knowledgeable about the state of affairs in general but still, i don't think that's a good enough reason for me.

Raaga said...

I so know what you mean.

I love the bhurjee... should try this :)

Rajitha said...

Sig..i know...i am sometimes shocked at the nerve! me..i do exactly that..but these guys usually catch you when you are the most vulnerable when you are drowsy or are in a good mood ;) problem is then you would be bombarded with more questions on how you got to make so much blah blah :D

Parita...annoying right! and the best part is there is absolutely no understanding on their part when you get pissed!

Laavanya...use the side that grates really thick and make it in a wde pan..and stir just a few times with a gentle hand :)..about the people...the best part is..they do not find it wierd that we do nto ask them any questiosn about their personal lives! i guess they gotta get a career change and be nosy parkers :D

raaga...i am certain i would have read those posts..will check it out again...and about the lentils..they are brown lentils...i do not think they are masoor..but you can use any dal that holds it's chana dal too

Bong Mom said...

In NY subway too ?? If some cool dude from Manhattan asks you those, make up some good answers I say ;-) else you know what to do ....

That paneer grating thing is a bright idea

Bharathy said...

LOL!...That was a lovely read, girl!! :D
I was here with a pissed-off-mood and now with a wide grin :D..
Love the addition of leeks and Pav bhaji masala to the Bhurji..should taste great! :)

Vibaas said...

Paneer bhurji looks yum!!
About your rant..i dont understand either. What annoys me the most is the free parenting advice i get :)

Vani said...

I hear you! Some people just don't know/understand boundaries. I unfortunately have one of those in my life that I can't get rid of.
Burji looks good, btw :)

Rajitha said...

Bong mom...this is thru exp....all the cute guys are taken and if there is a single one out there..he is usually a looney ;)

Bharathy...glad the rant made you smile :)

Vibaas...i am certain that would be extremely annoying...

Vani...don't we all have!!...

Namratha said...

LOL! Poor you, why are people always after you R?

Paneer burji, looks like its raining PB in the blogosphere!! But I love it.

Siri said...

I know, even I use my ipod as a weapon to stay away from conv of any sort..esp while I am in metro.. and rightly said by you, their questions are so personal that u wud feel like yelling at the top of your lungs - 'LEAVE ME ALONE'!!..

Paneer Burji looks yummy!!!

~ Siri

kitchen queen said...

I love ur paneer bhurji it is really delicious and can visit my blog view my recipes and give ur comments