Halloumi on masala grilled veggies

It has been a while i have blogged...and a thought came to me ..the dreaded thought that perhaps i have gotten bored of blogging. It should honestly not come as a surprise to me or anyone who knows me..coz i have a very short attention span. It actually spreads to everything around me...i have gotten bored of jobs...hobbies...even people! yep...there has been a time i have been smitten by a few...only to yawn at their name later (that does not mean i do not have my share of good friends....but a very few to be honest). But...i am not bored of blogging...the break as i analyze is on account of me not cooking regularly or cooking boring or wierd foods...something that will not go well in the blogging world.

I have been contemplating to buy a grill...even researched on a few...only to put off the purchase...but when my good buddy Siggy announced Monthly Mingle- Grill it ..i decided to initially invest in a stove top grill pan before i spend more moolah on an outdoor one. Well..the purchase for a stove top grill gave me more trouble than i thought!...why you ask...well all the stores carry 'cast iron' grill pans..which is a huuuge no-no on my list..coz i refuse to baby sit cookware....or the non-stick one's cost me an arm and a leg..till i finally went to bed bath and beyond where i got a non-stick one for $50.00..which is cool to here i am entry for your event.I is a day late...but ;)


Eggplant - 1 medium
Asparagus - 1 bunch
Halloumi - 4-5 oz

Olive oil- 1/4 cup
Garlic Chutney powder - 1 tbls
Goda masala - 1 tbls
Salt - to taste

For the dressing:
Olive oil - 2 tbls
Lime juice - 1 tbls
Garlic chutney powder - 1tsp
a pinch of salt
whisk well...and keep aside


1. Cut the eggplant into rounds and marinade the eggplant and the asparagus for 30 - 60 mts.

2. Grill the above and cut into medium pcs. Do not make it into bite sized.

3. Toast the halloumi (i used a griddle for halloumi tends to break) till it crisps up.

4. Plate the it with halloumi and drizzle the dressing on top.


Sig said...

Do you know how much work it is to include this "late entry" in the round up??? The nerve of some people... hpmmmmmph... I wish stupid blogger had some emoticons, so that I could express my actual emotions.... (stupid blogger = the blogging platform.. Stupid blogger in this particular instance does not mean the actual blogger herself.. )

Anyways, all is forgiven because this picture looks pretty good, and because of that other thing... you know ... the friendship thing. :)

Sig said...

oh and forgot to say, Cast Iron is great for meat, but I can never get my vegetables to grill right on my cast iron pan, non-stick grillpan to the rescue... :) I think you chose wisely... :)

Lavi said...

want to taste the eggplant on the to try it with garlic chutney powder..

i will see whatever u blog..dont worry about it going not well in blog world:)

Laavanya said...

Hey good to see you Rajitha... :) I've not tasted Halloumi so far but that dish you've made looks so classy and tasty... lovely entry.

sra said...

That looks almost like meat! You'll probably make a good plating artiste!

Shriya said...

When I saw the pic I said wow! its really a very nice pic and beautiful presentation. Nice recipe.

SMN said...

Rajitha grilled veggies look so nice..

Meeta K said...

Holloumi cheese is simply perfect for the bbq! I love simply stacking it in between tomatoes and aubergines and then wrapping it in aluminum foil then putting the whole thing on the grill. Thanks for your entry!

Shri said...

nice hot recipe.check my blog for a surprise

vb said...

This looks really good! Eggplant on the grill is just the best. And you can't lose with cheese!


it looks lovely ... Havent grilled before .. am tempted to , after reading your post

Richa said...

the addn of garlic chutney sounds yum :) so, hv u invested in any other gadgets lately ;)

Cynthia said...

I think that it is perfectly normal and acceptable to get bored with blogging. And when you pop in with a delicious post like this, it totally makes up for the absence :)


Hey .. thatz an amazing grill ..

Paru ... said...

Lovely looking dish..