Date Walnut Tangerine Flavored Granola

I get mad when i buy granola from outside coz i feel i get cheated..there seems to be more of the oats and less of the fruit and nut..tho it is very generously named as cranberry-pecan granola or blueberry-walnut granola.. i really do not get more than a piece in a 2 tbls helping....When the announcement for the AFAM-dates was postponed..i resolved to join in the fun and make granola which i have never made but always wanted to. I did a search via google and came upon this
site which has an easy recipe and would be easy to modify.

I usually eat granola topped over yogurt or in a fruit parfait. I even have it on top of low fat frozen tastes absolutely great. It is healthy but a lil steep on calories esp. when you eat without measuring it ;) I did measure and weigh everything i put in...and have the calories stated at the end of the recipe.


1 cup rolled oats (not instant)
1 tbls brown sugar
1 tbls honey
1 tbls mollases
1/8 tsp. salt
1 tbls sunflower oil (use any flavorless oil)
1 tbls water


50 gms walnuts
50 gms dates (chop them up in bite sized pcs.)
1 tbls tangerine zest


1. Preheat oven to 275 F.

2. In a bowl mix all the ingredients except the ones listed under 'other'.

3. Line a cookie sheet with parchment and spread the mixture on it and bake for 30 mts.

4. When 30 mts are done, stir in the remaining ingredients listed under 'other' and bake for 10 more minutes.

5. Let this cool and store it in a dry glass jar...coz it looks pretty ;)

I am trying to eat healthy so the calories per tbls (12gms) is 50 cal.


1. Sub any fruit nut combo..but do not go crazy over it, as the calories are pretty high on the dried variety ones :)

2. Make sure the granola is cooled before you transfer it to a jar.

3. Parchment paper ensures the granola does not stick and you do not have to oil the pan. you can also use silpat, which is a great alternative.

This is off to Chandrika who blogs at Akshayapatra and is hosting AFAM - Dates.


TBC said...

Don't care much for dates or granola ...just wanted to pop in and say hello:-)

Kribha said...

That's a whole lot of goodies in there. All my fav ingredients. I've never tried granola. Will try it sometime. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

bee said...

i tbsp oil? you kidding me? i've gotta make this.

Laavanya said...

That's very easy and it's neat that we can control what goes in. I love parfaits too topped with granola... Yummy! Great idea to incorporate dates Rajitha.

Richa said...

can i pick up all the date's n walnuts ;)
true, making granola at home definitely works out much better.

Raks said...

Looks yummy Rajitha:))

Red Chillies said...

I love your quest for healthy recipes Rajitha. OK now silly questions, where do I find "mollases" and Rolled oats is that the old fashioned oats?

sunita said...

Lovely entry Rajitha, and yes, homemade ones are always the best.

Bharathy said...

If you envy the recipes in mine..I am doing the same to you too...
God!..what all you guys can try and lay the hands upon if you reside out of India!..(sigh)

Bong Mom said...

I will buy from you if you sell. I am hooked on to Kashi every day but yours look delicious

KayKat said...

Granola took some getting used to, but maybe I should've tried this - dates make everything better :)

Rina said...

Rajitha, this looks gr8. Nice entry. Very creative. Can anything go wrong with Date, Walnut combo? Thanx for this. Will surely try it.

Namratha said...

The tangerine caught my attention, though I'm not a big dates fan. Looks wholesome...good one!

Seema said...

Very different & interesting one..

Cynthia said...

Oh man! You've been making some really yummy stuff.

Sreelu said...

Rajitha, such a healthy snack, send me a bowl girl :), missed your previous post, its been crazy at work I hope to catch em soon

Seena said...

very healthy one, m? love to have some..:)

Rajitha said...

tbc- hey who is being nice ;)

kribha - do try is really good..

bee- yep..u got that right :) try it and lemme know!!

laav- actually i look forward to the topping more than the parfait to be honest ;)

richa - my husband did just that!!..i was still stuck with only oats :(

raks- thnks girl :)

RC- not silly re..complete legit. You can find millases in Whole Foods near the baking aisle and rolled oats is what you said..old fashioned one :)

sunita - it is..only thing is i have pots and pans to wash ;)

bharathy - glad that u feel that way..coz i do drool on ur recipes :)

sandeepa - if u shift near my place..i will make it for u free of charge ;)

kaykat - actually it is hard to eat healthy sounding stuff..i kinda want to run away from things that are 'whole grain' :D

rina - it was pure necessity re..i wanted to make something..

nammu - actually i am not a great fan dates too...but i love it this way..try it, you may like it too...

seema - thnks

cyn- now while u and bee are coming up with rants..i turn my energy to food :D

sreelu - take care of urself girl..and do come back to browse in leasure :)

seena - thnks!!

DEEPA said...

very healthy one !!!!

Sagari said...

granola looks soo yummyyyyyyyyyy with those dates and nuts

Nupur said...

I make granola in huge batches every couple of weeks for the significant other...but never thought of this delicious date and walnut combination! Gotta try this next!

Shweta said...

Yummy! Making granola at home could be interesting!

DEEPA said...

very healthy and awesome one ....i wish i could have them .....

Rajitha said...

deepa - thnks :)

sagari - it was :)

nupur - i remem you posting a recipe too...will try urs next time

shweta - it was fun :)

deepa - wish i could send u some!!

Sig said...

Love this picture darling... great idea to make your own granola, i am a bit lazy, I just get the store bought ones and add some extra fruit and nuts to it :)..

AnuSriram said...

Looks just perfect rajitha... Delicious....

Rajitha said...

sig- u are making feel like a dope!! what a great idea...i should do the same...and glad to have you back hon :)

anu- thnks girl :)

Kribha said...

Never made home-made granola before. I'm salivating already. Nice picture. A dollop of whipped cream will make it extra special. Oh....Smack me. I'm in a diet that dosen't allow me to eat granola , but here I am dreaming of having it with cream. :-(

Rumela said...

Wow! This granola looks delicious...this is easy to prepare too.I am going to make that. My family loves such kind of loaves.This is a brilliant recipe, I am going to try it often...also thanks for the information on walnut recipe.


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